Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness // House of Blues Boston

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
11.09.14 // House of Blues
Boston, MA

Sometimes I have shoots planned out weeks in advance. Other times, things tend to get a little bit last minute. I enjoy the adrenaline rush that sometimes comes with the latter. Last week I got an email a couple of hours before doors opened at the House of Blues that let me know I had a photo pass waiting for me. So of course I immediately stopped what I was doing and grabbed my camera. (In reality, I had to walk my dog first because we were already halfway out the door when I read that email, and he would have never left me alone if I made him go back inside. But I digress.)

Andrew McMahon is hands down one of the most difficult musicians to photograph onstage. Because he plays a grand piano (A baby grand, I think? If there are any piano buffs out there reading this, please correct me if I am wrong), it takes away about half of the angles I would normally photograph a singer from. He also sings with two microphones on stage, one facing the piano and the other facing the audience, which adds another obstacle. So that doesn’t leave me with much room to make photos that don’t all look the same. Despite all of that, I would say that Andrew is one of my favorite artists to photograph. Not only because all of those obstacles make me work harder and more creatively to deliver my standard amount of images, but also because he puts so much energy into what he does, and it shows. The rest of the “in the Wilderness” crew share that energy, and I’m happy to have been able to capture it all!

Before I end this blog, I need to thank Sorvino for the photo pass & tickets, Target for being open extra late on Sundays, and House of Blues for always providing me with excellent lighting.

Here’s my selection of photos from the night. Enjoy!



Andrew-McMahon-in-the-Wilderness-by-Lisa-Czech Andrew-McMahon-in-the-Wilderness-by-Lisa-Czech